About Us

BathFan Solutions is an aftermarket manufacturer and supplier of professional grade residential bath fan accessories designed and engineered to improve the installed performance of bath fans. New homes today are built better than ever providing draft free comfort along with lower heating and cooling costs. A significant portion of these benefits comes from construction practices geared towards reducing unwanted air exchange with the outdoors; in other words these homes are now tighter.

While this is good overall; many new home owners are reporting significant moisture related problems often leading to condensation on mirrors and windows in bath rooms, as well as mildew and mold on bathroom drywall and woodwork surfaces. Even though many building codes and conservation programs throughout North America may require the installation of exhaust fans in bathrooms, many are severely underperforming as to actual air flow.

Extensive research and field testing of bath fans in new homes, has confirmed that a significant portion of all bath fans installed in new homes, either do not meet minimum ‘code’ requirements or simply fail to meet customer expectations with respect to adequate moisture removal when showering. Currently most bath fan installations include excessive duct work that may be compressed and/or collapsed, and include termination fittings that are often very restrictive. Most termination fittings are designed and sold as siding accessories and not directly designed to enhance fan performance.

In addition; all current termination fittings are designed to be installed to a finished surface such as a soffit, roof or siding. Bath fans are installed well before the installation of these surfaces which prohibits the entire system from being completed by one person in one trip. Current installation practices are also the main contributing factor to excess and compressed duct work which leads to poor fan performance.

BathFan Solutions, LLC is a subsidiary of Silver Angels, LLC and a sister company to Home Building Technology Services, LLC. This group was founded by Joe Nagan of Kaukauna Wisconsin. Joe is well known across the United States for his extensive experience with residential mechanical ventilation systems. He currently holds certification from HRAI Skilltech of Canada in mechanical ventilation system design and installation. After many years of research, testing and training, Joe felt it was time to develop his own line of Professional grade ventilation products and bring them to the market using strategic partnerships.

The first product we are manufacturing is the Patent Pending ‘Liberator’ termination system. This product is currently being sold and distributed by Panasonic Eco-Solutions North America. Panasonic is selling this product as the EZSoffitVent™ part number EZSV14.

This Professional Grade termination system is being manufactured here in Wisconsin and was developed in response to the need for a solution to the current problems associated wtih venting bath fans at a soffit location. Given this new system, there are now several benefits to a soffit discharge location that may now be more advantageous compared to other locations such as a roof, wall or gable end.

Extensive research and field testing has gone into this product resulting in the following features:

  • Designed to improve system performance of fans rated up to and including 110 CFM
  • Designed for pre-soffit installation
  • Can be used with various soffit finishing systems and thicknesses ranging from 5/16" - 1/2"
  • Overall height is less than 6" and will fit even under a 4/12 pitch roof
  • Overall compact design will fit even in a narrow 12" soffit (10-1/2" fascia to building)
  • Mounting system can be located anywhere there's a vertical plumb surface within an overhang
  • Vent body snaps into the mounting bracket and can be rotated 180 degrees to align with duct
  • Low resistance built-in back draft damper
  • Duct connection stub is 2.25" long and stepped for easy connection and air sealing
  • Can be used with 4" rigid, 4" semi-rigid, 4" flex duct or any combination of these types
  • Flush mounted termination grille provides enhanced aesthetics
  • Termination grille can be rotated to direct air flow away from the building
  • No need for water resistant flashing as needed with all roof and wall discharge systems

First Professional Grade soffit discharge1, exhaust fan termination system designed by and manufactured by an industry professional with over 30 years ventilation system design, installation and commissioning experience.

  • Designed with installer friendly innovative features
  • Designed with the primary goal being that of optimum system air flow2
  • Designed for the lowest total system installation cost3

The first soffit discharge fan termination system designed to be completely installed before the soffit panel installation (other than the finished grille).

  • Eliminate multiple trips to the job-site: one person can now complete the duct connections at the fan and termination fitting in one trip
  • Reduce ducting cost by eliminating waste: duct can be trimmed to fit with no excess
  • Provides a more efficient use of labor

The first exhaust fan termination system designed for optimum system air flow2

  • Reduce callbacks and improve customer satisfaction
  • Easier compliance with building codes, standards and Energy Programs
  • May reduce the need to buy larger rated fans
  • May reduce the need to use larger duct work

The first soffit discharge fan termination system that includes a built-in, air-tight back draft damper.

  • Low pressure drop: this results in better air flow
  • No need to buy a separate back draft damper: this lowers total costs
  • Air-tight design: this eliminates cold air comfort complaints

Discharge grille fits up flush with the finished soffit panel surface

  • Aesthetically more acceptable as nothing is hanging below the soffit surface
  • Soffit discharge does not require water resistant flashing as required with all roof, wall or gable discharge locations: this lowers total costs
  • Custom colors available by special order (quantity requirements)

Foot Notes

  • (1) the soffit location can offer the shortest overall ducting length lowering total system pressure drop
  • (2) for exhaust fans up to and including 110 cfm rated fans while using 4" ductwork
  • (3) total system cost including fan, ducting, labor, fitting, combined with the benefit of reduced callbacks